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Fury MMO pricing announced

Free - or you can sub for extras.

Players of upcoming PvP MMO Fury will be able to play for free or pay a monthly fee of USD 9.95 to retain "Immortal" status, which grants players a number of benefits.

Developer Auran Games is keen to emphasise that once you've paid your money at retail or online this October, you'll be able to access the game free, with regular free content updates, and none of the most powerful items or abilities will be off-limits to you.

However, once your initial month as an Immortal is up, you'll revert to Hero status unless you pay a subscription fee.

"Some players will play Fury in their lunch time or for an hour after work and they will be less interested in a full subscription model," says creative director Adam Carpenter, explaining the perceived difference.

"Other players will devote many hundreds of hours to Fury in order to complete over 800 Trials, unlock 4,000 Tiered abilities and rise to the rank of Eternal."

The benefits of taking up Immortal status - so, subscribing - are:

  • Quick travel in the Sanctuaries and Schools
  • VoIP talk privileges
  • One additional Item Roll Slot
  • Extended "rested gold bonus"
  • Selling privileges on the Auction House
  • Priority log-in queuing
  • Entry into weekly and seasonal Ladders
  • Personal player battle statistics
  • In-game Customer Service access
  • Elite access to the test server to preview new content

Whether that's enough to entice is of course up to you to decide. "Ultimately, we need to support the cost of running the game and providing new free content updates to players," says online producer Phil White.

"Fury utilises the same secure client-server architecture as a traditional MMO and we have to monitor and maintain the servers. Then there is the in-game customer service, online community staff and website and live support teams. The additional ongoing revenues from players help us maintain those high quality service levels," White concluded.

Codemasters Online Gaming recently revealed that it would be handling Fury in Europe, describing it as "unique" and "ground-breaking".