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Frontlines demo on Live

City: demo. Mayor: you.

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THQ and Kaos Studios' upcoming first-person shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War has popped up on Xbox Live today in demo form.

It will invade and occupy 1.69GB of your hard disk space before showing you a vision of a world ravaged by a global energy crisis, environmental decay, economic depression, and a lack of Wagon Wheels.

There's no immediate word on what the demo shows off specifically, but for more of an idea of what to expect from Frontlines overall, you might want to investigate Kristan's recent report from the frontlines of Frontlines.

His harrowing experience (at one point he had to walk from his hotel to a shop to buy a digital camera) includes information on the single-player campaign and the multiplayer, and a reminder that Kaos Studios formed out of the remnants of Trauma Studios - a former DICE satellite best known for excellent Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat.

So Frontlines could well be very good. You'll have a better idea once you've played the demo, eh?

Full version's due out on PC and 360 on 15th February with a PS3 version scheduled for April.

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