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Demon's Souls dev reveals Project Dark

Aimed at Demon's Souls fans.

The next game from Demon's Souls developer From Software is a dark fantasy game called... Wait for it... Project Dark.

It's a PS3 exclusive in Japan (PS3 and Xbox 360 in the West) and is aimed at hardcore gamers, which probably means it'll be rock hard.

The game was unveiled during Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference this morning with little fanfare. We know next to nothing about it, save for it'll be out next year in Japan and, did we mention, will be rock hard.

The intrepid Keza MacDonald, who atteneded Sony's conference for Eurogamer, managed to sneak out some additional information.

Project Dark looks like Demon's Souls 2 in all but name. The same team and director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, are in charge.

Miyazaki said From Software wants to avoid calling the game Demon's Souls 2 because it wants to mark a clear departure from the series.

From Software's a busy studio. Earlier this morning (2.30am for us - weep) Capcom head honcho Keiji Inafune took to the stage during Microsoft's TGS press conference to reveal From Software's Kinect-enabled 360-exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.