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FreeStyleGames working on DJ Hero?

Speculation mounts following acquisition.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Speculation is mounting that UK studio FreeStyleGames is working on Activision's next rhythm action project, DJ Hero.

Following on from Activision's recent acquisition of the developer behind B-Boy, Kotaku claims that the team is "hard at work" on the scratching game.

Word has it that the game has already been in development for "nearly two years" and will task gamers with scratching to the beat of "popular mash-ups" using a "laptop turntable peripheral". Apparently the controller has already been through "nearly half a dozen iterations". So, five then?

According to the report: "The device looks a lot like a simplified DJ Deck. There is a platter for scratching which will act like the strum toggle on a Guitar Hero guitar. Above the platter are three buttons for sampling. The controller also includes a cross fader and a sound effects dial which will act like the whammy bar in Guitar Hero."

The game itself is said to involve the music flowing down a virtual record in a "half arc", and playing will require the player to hold down a sample button and scratch away. Sounds dandy.

The controller will be wireless and fit on your lap, with legs apparently being considered so you can play standing up.

Activision has yet to respond to the rumours. Expect official clarification soon.

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