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Activision coy on DJ Hero

Trademark is only indication so far.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has offered no clarification on whether it is working on a new rhythm-action game called DJ Hero.

Suggestions that it plans to expand its popular "Hero" franchise stem from a trademark filed on 8th February.

This protects the name of "DJ Hero", as well as downloadable content and "videogame controllers" sold with or separately to it.

It's not surprising: Guitar Hero is incredibly popular, after all, as are DJs. You might remember Konami trying this in the late '90s with Beatmania.

Activision has previously said it will grow its Guitar Hero series, and recently announced a fully-fledged outing dedicated to US rock band Aerosmith and its career.

Some also read between the lines and claimed Activision was planning drum or microphone peripherals to go with it, after it a description promised you could fill the shoes of the various band members.

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