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Free DLC for Double Agent

PS3 maps for X360 fans.

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Splinter Cell's Double Agents will find a double helping of multiplayer mappery waiting for them on Xbox Live Marketplace when they next log in - and handily enough it's free.

Not that you'd expect it to cost, given that it's a pack consisting of content added to the PS3 version of the game, which also includes the Spy Girl character and three accompanying outfits.

The "new" maps are Kinshasa and Secret Base. Kinshasa draws on the single-player for inspiration in its abandoned hospital, while Secret Base is a research facility off the coast.

It all mounts up to 83.48MB of data, according to everyone's favourite bringer-of-Xbox-tidings, Major Nelson, and if you've just stumbled in here by accident and have no idea what's going on, why not swing by our Splinter Cell: Double Agent gamepage and squeeze it for details?

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