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Double Agent spygirl for 360

Not PS3 exclusive.

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360 owners will be able to download the female spy skins for Splinter Cell: Double Agent from Xbox Live, dispersing rumours that the content was exclusive to the PS3 version.

"The female spy skins will be part of the SCDA DLC for the Xbox 360 as has always been the plan," said Frag Doll Rhoulette on the official Ubisoft forums.

"The female skins will not be PS3 exclusive, anyone who said/wrote so was confused by the fact that Ubisoft released information about the DLC and the PS3 version together." That and the fact your producer was completely ambiguous about it, Rhoulette.

It follows news that the game will be a launch title for PlayStation 3 when it's released across Europe on 23rd March. It was previously thought that the spygirl would be exclusive to the console along with new maps and co-op challenges; fresh content to make up for the five month delay between Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Unfortunately Ubisoft were unavailable for comment, so we're not sure when the downloadable content will be available, though around the PlayStation 3 launch is a fairly safe bet.

Meanwhile you can see what game producer Mathieu Hector had to say about the PS3 version when we caught up with him recently, or alternatively sneak over to our review of the 360 version from last year.

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