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Frédérick Reynal making new Ubi game

Alone in the Dark, Little Big creator is back.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Frédérick Reynal, veteran French developer and the creator of Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure, is due to release a new game this year in tandem with publisher Ubisoft. So says the website for his company Ludoid (via Kotaku and NeoGAF).

At the bottom of his "Ludography" is an entry reading (in French): "Coming in 2010 with [Ubisoft logo]". Then there's a picture of a blackboard on which is written: "The name of the next game is written on the back of this slate."

Click on the slate and the name is cheekily rubbed out, but there's a sad footnote for Little Big Adventure fans.

"For the attention of the LBA community: 'Sorry, it's not LBA3!' But that project is still close to our hearts and your enthusiasm is precious to us. Thanks. Fred."

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