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Foto Showdown coming to DSi

It's a camera-powered RPG from Konami.

Konami has unveiled Foto Showdown, a new RPG which is played using the DSi camera.

The idea is you take photos and the DSi uses "advanced colour recognition" to generate monsters from them. You can then test out their unique powers in epic battles. There are more than 100 levels to play through and over 150 monsters to collect.

Players can fight with up to six monsters at once and they get more powerful with each battle they win. You can also upgrade their powers, buy better weapons, give them tools and heal them with medicine. The DSi's wireless functionality allows players to take part in multiplayer battles and swap monsters.

It all sounds rather like PSP exclusive Invizimals, then - out now and worthy of a very respectable 7/10 according to Dan's review.

Foto Showdown is out in Q1 of next year.

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Foto Showdown

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