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Football MMO after testers

First shots released.

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CyberSports is after its first batch of testers for massively multiplayer online game Football Superstars.

Simply pop over to the official website to register and you will be automatically considered for the beta, as well as stand a chance of winning a PC and getting lots of insider information about the game.

Developer Monumental Games has also released the first in-game shots to coincide with nearing the alpha stage of creation, showing off some of the environments you will be swanning around in when not sweating it out on the pitch. There are a slew of renders in there too, giving you an idea of how characters will look in the game.

Football Superstars lets you create and customise your own sports star in a persistent online world, before competing in three, five, seven and eleven-a-side matches. As you go, you will develop your skills both on and off the pitch, pursuing a Beckham-like life of fame as you attract the notice of bigger and better clubs - essentially guilds formed by you and your friends.

We had a chance to see its early progress back in July, and left with a suitable smile on our face, wondering why no one had tackled such an obviously popular combination in the past.

Pop over to our Football Superstars preview for more information, or head to the official site for the chance to leave your mark on the game.

Football SuperStars is due for release on PC in the second quarter of 2008.

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