Football SuperStars

Football Superstars

Too good to go down.

We're offering 10,000 guaranteed spots on the beta test for the football MMO, Football Superstars, via entry in the exclusive Eurogamer Cup, a knockout competition with a GBP 3000 prize. You can read more about how to get on the beta here. Meanwhile, read on for our own hands-on impressions of the game.

Get on the Football Superstars beta

Get on the Football Superstars beta

Guaranteed access with Eurogamer Cup.

There ain't no party like a beta test party 'cause a beta test party don't stop (until it does, obviously). That's how we rock the mic here at Eurogamer - and we bring you the goods to prove it.

Eurogamer and CyberSports have joined forces to offer Eurogamer readers 10,000 places on the beta for football MMO Football Superstars. But this is no ordinary beta key giveaway - you can win cash as well as access.

We're guaranteeing the first 10,000 people to enter the Football Superstars Eurogamer Cup before Friday access to the beta, so they can brush up on their skills before the game goes live and the tournament begins in earnest. (If you've already registered for the competition, don't worry, you already qualify.)

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Play Football Superstars, win cash

GBP 3000 to be won in Eurogamer Cup!

We've teamed up with CyberSports - publishers of the soon-to-be-released football MMO, Football Superstars - to offer Eurogamer readers a truly unique gaming competition with a big cash prize.

It would take a billion to tackle WOW

So says Football Superstars dev.

Monumental Games boss Rik Alexander has explained why is studio is producing an MMO based around football - rather than opting for a more traditional fantasy theme.

Football Superstars

A game of two halves.

It happens about halfway through our brief but eye-opening ten-minute go on Football Superstars: it's like a switch has flicked in our head. We carry on playing more or less as we were (badly), but our perception of the match, and our tactical approach to it, have changed completely. A minute ago, we were playing a videogame. Now, we're playing football.

Football Superstars

Promotion contenders.

Like all beautiful things (Sheryl Cole, anyone?) Football Superstars is dead simple. Everyone loves football, right? And MMOs are an increasingly compelling alternative to the humdrum of real world considerations such as the price of a pint and the question: 'will my wife mind if I turn the lounge into a Pro Evo gaming shrine'? So why not combine the two?