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Get on the Football Superstars beta

Guaranteed access with Eurogamer Cup.

There ain't no party like a beta test party 'cause a beta test party don't stop (until it does, obviously). That's how we rock the mic here at Eurogamer - and we bring you the goods to prove it.

Eurogamer and CyberSports have joined forces to offer Eurogamer readers 10,000 places on the beta for football MMO Football Superstars. But this is no ordinary beta key giveaway - you can win cash as well as access.

We're guaranteeing the first 10,000 people to enter the Football Superstars Eurogamer Cup before Friday access to the beta, so they can brush up on their skills before the game goes live and the tournament begins in earnest. (If you've already registered for the competition, don't worry, you already qualify.)

The Eurogamer Cup is a seven-a-side competition between four specially-created teams, The Plumbers, The Bandicoots, The Banjos and The Hedgehogs, with a GBP 3000 prize pot at stake.

You pick your side and just play the game as normal during a six-week qualification period. Then the top eight players from each team are selected for the round robin Finals. You can read more about the Eurogamer Cup at the competition page.

To claim your beta access, use the Eurogamer Cup registration form on the Football Superstars site to sign up for the competition, and activate your account by clicking the link in the email you'll be sent.

Once logged into the Football Superstars site, click on Transfer Window Opt-in on the left-hand menu, agree to the T&Cs, and wait for your beta account to be activated at the weekend (within 48 hours of 24th October, technically speaking). You'll be sent an email explaining how to download the game.

Once you've done that, have a look at our own hands on impressions of the beta. Don't get too caught up though. You've only got until midnight this Thursday 23rd October to claim guaranteed priority access to the beta, so don't delay.

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