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Play Football Superstars, win cash

GBP 3000 to be won in Eurogamer Cup!

We've teamed up with CyberSports - publishers of the soon-to-be-released football MMO, Football Superstars - to offer Eurogamer readers a truly unique gaming competition with a big cash prize.

The Eurogamer Cup - which you can register for here - will guarantee all entrants early access to Football Superstars, to try and qualify for one of four Eurogamer teams: The Plumbers, The Bandicoots, The Banjos and The Hedgehogs (we think you see what we did there).

After a six-week qualification period, the top 8 players from each squad will be selected for a further month's training from CyberSports. Those players will then compete in a 7-a-side Eurogamer Cup Finals Day for a GBP 3000 cash prize - that's GBP 375 per man!

On me avatar, son.

Football Superstars - which we previewed a while back - is a free-to-play PC game that combines football gaming with MMO-style exploration and character advancement. This mix allows players to compete on the pitch as a single player in teams of 3,5,7 or 11 - solely controlled by human team mates (with the exception of the AI goalies).

Players earn virtual currency that can be then spent in a massive online world populated with bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and gyms. And CyberSports are giving it all away - downloading and playing the game will be completely free.

How to play in the Eurogamer Cup

Use this form to register for the Eurogamer Cup at the Football Superstars site, and then activate your account by email. After a couple of weeks, you'll be told how to download Football Superstars - registering guarantees you beta access - and start practising.

Once in the game, create your Football Superstars avatar, hone your skills at the training academy, and get playing. Football Superstars has its own team system, and each of the Eurogamer squads has been allocated three in-game teams that you can choose to represent during qualification.

Qualification will begin when the game proper launches. At the end of the 6-week qualification period, the top 8 players from each Eurogamer squad will qualify for the Finals tournament teams.

At this stage, each team - comprised of six players and two substitutes for the 7-a-side matches - will be allocated a manager from CyberSports, who will help them train together in sessions where they can perfect team tactics and special moves online.

And finally, after a month's training, all four teams will meet up online to play in the live Finals Day. This will be a simple round robin tournament, followed by a third-place play-off and the final. The winning team will take home the GBP 3000 prize - GBP 375 each! - and all teams will receive a bundle of other Football Superstars goodies, including subscriptions to the game's premium service.

We'll provide regular updates throughout the tournament, and footage of some of the games you play in.

So register now, pick your mascot, get ready and good luck!

The Rules

  • Prizes will not be exchanged for other goods - if you don't want the prize, don't enter.
  • No employees of Eurogamer, CyberSports, or Monumental Games may enter this competition
  • This competition is open to European residents only.
  • You must have an Internet connection to play Football Superstars.

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