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First Halo Waypoint content discovered

Live 'destination' launches tomorrow.

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Halo Waypoint arrives on Xbox Live tomorrow, and the first pieces of content have been revealed.

From launch you will be able to watch a Spotlight on Louis Wu, Halo in Five Minutes and a Welcome to Waypoint introduction. Louis Wu is the main protagonist in the Ringworld series of books, upon which the Halo series is loosely based.

There will also be community Halo 3: ODST Firefight screenshots to browse, reports Joystiq, plus some strategy tips from walkthrough guru Prima.

Then, on Saturday, fans will be treated to the first full episode of Halo Legends - the diverse anime series that picks apart the Master Chief licence from varying viewpoints.

Halo Waypoint is an Xbox Live channel or 'destination' that aggregates everything related to the IP. Content will be split into Intel and Career sections, with the first focusing on videos, fiction etc., while the latter tracks in-game stats and Achievements.

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