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First episode of Republique out 19th December

$5, three hours long, App Store-only for now.

The first episode of Republique - a dystopian stealth adventure featuring the voices of FemShep Jennifer Hale and Solid Snake David Hayter - will be released on Thursday, 19th December.

The first episode is called Exordium, lasts around three hours and will only be available for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches - for now. PC and other platforms will follow, reported VG247.

Exordium costs $5, as will the other four episodes. Or you can save a bit of dosh ($5) by nabbing a $15 season pass after buying Exordium. The game boasts simple one-touch controls throughout.

Republique is made by Seattle studio Camouflaj, and was an early Kickstarter success back in May last year.

IGN appears to have the launch trailer exclusively.

Cover image for YouTube videoRepublique -- Launch Trailer