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Rare unofficially announces fire for Sea of Thieves

Loose lips sink ships.

During the latest Sea of Thieves weekly stream, a Rare developer accidentally mentioned fire will make its way to the game.

This isn't the first time James Thomas, lead engineer at Rare, has inadvertently let some secret info slip. Back on a stream in January he revealed parrots were a pet coming to Sea of Thieves, leading to a six month ban from the weekly streams.

"Somehow the parrots have learned to be aquatic," he said while discussing how the team had designed pets not to follow you into the water. This is quickly followed by a quiet "parrots confirmed" from Joe Neate, executive producer at Rare.

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This week, about an hour and four minutes into his first stream back after the ban, Thomas cheerfully begins to tease the fire mechanic, which players hadn't actually been told about yet.

"I think the biggest thing we've announced that we have coming soon is fire, so hopefully there'll be something for you-" James starts, before quickly being interrupted by co-streamer Andrew Preston, senior designer for the game.

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Rare seems to be taking the accidental reveal pretty well though, taking to Twitter to do some not-so-subtle teasing:

As for this newly teased fire mechanic itself, we don't actually know anything yet short of the fact it exists. Seeing as pets were announced quite a while ago now and still haven't appeared in the game, it'll likely be a little while before we're able to set anything ablaze in Sea of Thieves.

We hope James Thomas isn't feeling too burnt up about his mistake, and that Rare lets him off for his accidental act of pyrocy.

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