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Fire Emblem DLC censored in the west

Yet manages to be lewder after the changes.

The latest DLC to Fire Emblem: Awakening, Summer Scramble, has arrived in North America and Europe, but it seems to have a curious omission.

Look closely at Tharja and you'll see that her sparkles are gone. Oh, and there's a giant curtain covering her rear.


This semi-nudity obscuring cloth was not in the original Japanese version according to NeoGAF (via IGN). Amusingly, the curtain mostly just obscures her skivvies leaving her offending bits still as exposed as ever. By mostly obscuring the clothing, the censored picture actually looks more suggestive than before.

Is this a case of western Nintendo being too prudish? Or perhaps we should be asking why Tharja's wearing nothing but underwear in the first place. I've not played the game, so I don't have the proper context for this. Was her village attacked while she was going for a swim or something?

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