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Firaxis explains lack of Civ PSP

Isn't ruling it out for future.

Firaxis chose not to do a PSP version of Civilization Revolution because it didn't have the resources necessary to complete that in addition to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS versions, all of which are being handled in-house.

"The reason the Wii version is in [autumn 2008] is because we realised that we could free up enough guys to do it, but we don't have enough guys to then do a PSP version as well," Firaxis' Barry Caudill told Eurogamer. The other versions are due out in the spring.

"It's not like we're dissing the platform - I use a PSP. We put Pirates out on it, or rather we had Full Fat do it. But see this one, the difference here is we're doing all of these in-house and so for PSP we may have to - if it was going to come out in a timely fashion - we may have to farm it out. But right now we're just doing all these in-house and that's the official word," Caudill explained.

So, ditch your conspiracy theories. We'll have more on Civilization Revolution, which looked extremely handsome at E3, as we work through all our notes and tapes in the coming days and weeks.