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Finish inFamous completely in 25 hours

It's much shorter if blinkered, says dev.

Sucker Punch boss Chris Zimmerman reckons openworld action game inFamous will take a maximum of 25 hours to complete, and less if people stick to the straight and narrow.

"Well it depends on how you decide to play it; if you play just straight through as fast as you can, maybe 15 hours," Zimmerman told the US PlayStation blog.

"But in addition to the 35 story missions in the game we have 100 side-missions, [and] we have a whole bunch of collectibles you can pick up. If you do that stuff, somewhere in the 20s - 25 hours, maybe."

Zimmerman added that the side-missions are more than distractions and have an effect on the world. Protect someone setting up a medical tent, for instance, and you can respawn there later.

There's no option to replay with unlocked extras, but Zimmerman going through again as the opposite alignment - good or evil - will feel like "basically a new game". Changing the difficulty to hard also "really changes" the experience, apparently.

inFamous, a cross between Crackdown and Star Wars, will be released exclusively for PS3 on 29th May.

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