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Final Fantasy XIII dated for US/Europe

Simultaneous PS3/360 launch in March.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has announced the simultaneous PS3 and Xbox 360 release of Final Fantasy XIII in Europe and the US on 9th March, 2010.

The date comes at the end of a video posted moments ago on the official Final Fantasy XIII site (and soon Eurogamer TV).

The video also reveals that former X-Factor winner Leona Lewis will sing the theme song. It's called "My Hands" and is taken from her upcoming album Echo. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

If you live in Japan, you can play the PS3 game from next month. Look out for our import review at the turn of the year.

For more on FFXIII, check out our hands-on of the playable demo from the FFVII Advent Children package in Japan, our E3 preview with more on the battle system, our gamescom preview covering Paradigm Shift, and yesterday's news of the Crystarium growth approach to character development. Phew.

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