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Final Fantasy 14 update 2.1 release date announced

10-minute trailer runs through new features.

Square Enix will release the Final Fantasy 14 update 2.1 on 17th December.

It adds a raft of new features, including dungeons, player versus player arenas and housing.

The Crystal Tower is a new dungeon for up to 24 players. The new PvP arena is called The Wolves' Den. You can create a house in the three distinctive residential districts of each of the city-states, after buying a plot of land.

There's loads more to the update, outlined in the 10-minute video, below. FF14 is out now on PC and PlayStation 3, and launches on PlayStation 4 in April 2014. You get a free 30-day trial with a new account, but after that you need to sign up to a £7.69 monthly subscription.

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