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Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.5 due early October, called Growing Light

Setting up Dawntrail.

Alisae in Dawntrail trailer
Image credit: Square Enix

The next patch for Final Fantasy 14 (6.5) will be released early October this year and will be called Growing Light.

The patch will come in two story parts that will set up the narrative ahead of the release of the next full expansion, Dawntrail, in summer 2024 - as announced yesterday at the Fan Fest in Las Vegas.

Along with various quests and additions, the Duty Support system will now allow players to experience all duties from A Realm Reborn to the end of Endwalker completely solo.

Further, the free trial will be expanded to include Stormblood with patch 6.5, meaning anyone looking to get into the MMORPG can play a huge chunk of the game for free - and do so as a solo player if they prefer.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

The first part of patch 6.5 will arrive in early October, while patch 6.55 will follow in mid-January 2024 to fully connect the story to Dawntrail.

For quest content, patch 6.5 will include new main story quests, more Tribal Alliance quests, Manderville weapons, Splendorous Tools, and a continuation of both Tataru's Grand Endeavour and Hildibrand's Adventures.

For battle content, the new dungeon will be The Lunar Subterrane (and promises scenery that drastically changes), and a new trial called The Abyssal Fracture against Zeromus will be added. There will also be a new Unreal Trial, a new Alliance Raid, and some Job adjustments to the PvE and PvP modes.

The Island Sanctuary will receive new ranks and visions, a new gathering area, and more crops, animals and materials to gather. One such animal will be a Morbol - the iconic bad-breathed tentacled monster.

Lastly, some miscellaneous updates will include the ability to store optional items in the armoire opening up player inventories, and the ability to sort teleport destinations by expansion.

All of this was announced at the latest Letter from the Producer, live on stage at the Las Vegas Fan Fest. Catch up on Twitch.

Also shown were the adorable flying mount and emote to celebrate Fan Fest, a new soundtrack on the way, and artwork. A high end vinyl turntable is also available to pre-order - it's priced "accordingly" at £1549.99.

For more on Dawntrail - the game's next major expansion - here's everything you need to know.

Final Fantasy 14 is also set to launch on Xbox next year.

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