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Final Fantasy 14 companion app released

iOS version out now. Android version in development.

Square Enix has released the official companion app to MMO Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

The iOS version of Final Fantasy 14: Libra Eorzea is out now on the App Store as a free download. The Android version is in development.

The app includes a game database, which can be accessed offline, and a character profile viewer for reviewing gear and attributes. More features will be added in the future.

The game database is pretty extensive. It includes an encyclopedic catalogue of in-game information, including items, quests, NPCs and achievements.

If you have an active FF14 account you can log in to the app to review character information, browse the profiles of other characters and learn where they got their gear.

PC and PlayStation 3 MMO FF14: A Realm Reborn is the rebooted version of FF14. While launch server issues appear to have calmed, Square Enix has yet to lift the sales ban on the PC download version from its digital store.

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