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FIFA 23 Career Mode lets you play as a famous manager for the first time

Pep talk.

EA has detailed FIFA 23's Career Mode, which lets you play as a famous manager for the first time.

In the manager career portion of Career Mode, you can use the likeness of a raft of famous managers from the Premier League, including Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel.

"We've seen feedback from players wanting to play as some of their favourite managers, and we're happy to say FIFA 23 enables you to play as one of the 350+ authentic football managers, of which 30+ have star heads, in Career Mode," EA said in a detailed blog post.

FIFA 23 Career Mode trailer.Watch on YouTube

You can use any manager at any club, or even a club you create yourself. So if you're wondering how Klopp would do at Chelsea, now's your chance.

"Upon selecting the manager of your choice, you can customise their outfit and decide on the club they'll be in charge of," EA said. "You have the option of continuing to build a legacy at an authentic manager's current club, pick a different club to start at, or even create a new club for the manager to lead to glory."

Other additions to Career Mode include playable highlights you can control. Here, you play through dynamically-generated highlights to influence the outcome of a match without having to play the full 90 minutes.

"With Playable Highlights, we've compressed the match into an intense, bite-sized experience that will enable you to cruise through seasons while conserving your focus for the encounters you feel are most important, all without giving up control over the results you generate along the way," EA said.

"The new experience is available alongside all of the previous match progression options, so you can still choose to play the full match, Sim To End, or use the Interactive Sim."

Also new are dynamic moments. These are dynamically-generated cinematics for the biggest events, such as breaking into your team's starting 11, or arriving at a new club as a player, or making a marquee signing or selling a key player as a manager.

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Dynamic Moments.Watch on YouTube

There's a new player career personality system, which lets you define your player's character based upon your actions on and off the pitch. Actions that affect your personality extend beyond the pitch: whether you visit an injured teammate or ignore them, for example, makes an impact. As does whether you invest in a tech startup or buy a sports car (footballers these days, eh?).

"An upgraded evaluation engine collects and analyses your actions to inform your personality, with post-match summaries and off-pitch actions including spending the funds you earn from your wages and investments unlocking new opportunities, boosting select attributes, and making each Player Career playthrough different from the next," EA said.

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Player Personality.Watch on YouTube

And here's a big one for fans of Career Mode: you can now customise your club's third kit as well as your goalkeepers' kit.

FIFA 23 launches 30th September on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X and S, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. If you're looking for more, check out our FIFA 23 gameplay preview, as well as our deep dive on the differences between the current-gen and last-gen versions.

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