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FIFA 20 live gameplay reveal gives us a drab nil-nil

Each game as it comes.

EA has shown off FIFA 20 gameplay for the first time.

Just before the final of the FIFA eWorld Cup, EA had four FIFA influencers play a 2v2 match between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

The gameplay, which you can see in the video below if you skip to the two hours and 23 minutes mark, is a drab nil-nil, so we don't get to see any goals.

I'm a big FIFA fan, but for me it's hard to spot significant differences between FIFA 20 and FIFA 19 based on this gameplay. There are a couple of occasions where the new ball physics come into play with more realistic trajectories and some more bounce, tackling looks more robust and I get the sense fast players are able to get away from defenders now, but beyond that nothing in particular stands out.

FIFA 20 does include new mechanics for set-pieces that look pretty interesting, but we don't get to see them in this gameplay unfortunately. As you'd expect, the player faces are impressively realistic.

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