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Fieldrunners update offering new map

Plus new tower, fieldrunner, and fixes.

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Excellent iPhone tower defence game Fieldrunners is set to be updated with a new map, a new fieldrunner and a new tower unit in the coming days.

Developer Subatomic Studios twittered that it had submitted the patch to Apple for certification this week, and Touch Arcade has the changelist.

The new map is called Drylands, and promises "multiple paths snaking through the dried-out canyon riverbed". In keeping with the arid theme, there's a new flame tower, too, which is "capable of incinerating multiple fieldrunners in a single fiery swoop".

One of those will be the new P-47 Thunderbolt, a nippy plane that makes a mockery of your carefully arranged columns of slowing towers and zappers, no doubt.

Other changes in the patch include an autosave feature to capture your progress at the end of every round, improved loading times and the ability to sell towers while paused without being penalised.

For those unfamiliar with Fieldrunners, it's a tower defence derivative where you position aggressive weapons to take out a procession of units attempting to make it from the entrance to the exit. Your towers are cheapo machineguns, more expensive goop towers that slow the fieldrunners' progress, rockets and the premium lightning zapper.

And for those who are wondering, we're finally reviewing it in one of several forthcoming roundups. Sorry about the delay.

Fieldrunners is currently available for GBP 2.99 / USD 4.99 on iTunes, and the 1.2 patch will be a free update.

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