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Ferrari Challenge DLC in May

Five new cars, one new track.

System 3 promises to release fresh content for Ferrari Challenge on the PlayStation Network this May.

Inside will be five shiny new Ferraris: 430 Scuderia, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti Sessanta, 330 P4 and the Enzo Ferrari. We're told the latter regularly fetches over USD 1 million at auction and that it looks nice. And it does looks nice. And that Gizmondo bloke crashed one.

The renowned German racecourse Nüburgring will join those cars and offer its regular GP shape for racing on. This is often remembered for its long straight that leads into a scary blind bend.

System 3 says the cars and track will be available individually or as part of a DLC pack. Pricing and an exact date are still being worked out.

Ferrari Challenge launched on PlayStation 3 last July, and turned out to be very pretty and competent if a little dry and technical.

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