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Fancy computer art at Leipzig

Because paintings are boring.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

For the second year running, the Leipzig Games Convention will display computer and console-inspired art exhibitions.

Four separate installations will be presented in Hall 5 from August 23rd - 26th, where visitors will also be able to try their own hands at creating minor pieces of art.

Public_play is the first of the quartet and will be spread over 500 metres against the backdrop of sights from around Leipzig. Among the works featured here will be digitally-stretched ropes to skip over, classic arcade title Pong played on a dress, and four computers playing Ludo against each other.

Accompanying this will be a history of gaming piece called Telespiele 1972 - 2007. It touches on all the major developments from the past, including the popular Commodore 64 console and present day systems. Telespiele will also offer a look at extremely rare hardware, games, manuals, and numerous other rarities never seen before in Europe.

Machine, cinema, and animation will join these at the Machinima stand, to illustrate that games can be more than entertainment. A detailed discussion of the genre will be lead by industry leading professionals, who will be offering examples and tips in small workshops throughout the event.

The final exhibition will look at 3D character design and how far technology has advanced. Digital Beauty will show 20 images and ask visitors to determine which are real and which have been created on PC. Workshops will follow.

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