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Fallout 3 speedrun sets new world record in under 24 minutes

They grow up so fast.

Speedrunner BubblesDelFuego has made history by setting the latest world record speedrun for Fallout 3.

Cover image for YouTube videoFallout 3 Any% Speedrun 23:55 RTA (6/30/14)

Performing an "any percentage" run, the pro player went from being born to saving the Capitol Wasteland in a scant 23 minutes and 55 seconds, narrowly beating the previous record of 24 minutes and 20 seconds (which was also held by BubblesDelFuego).

It's certainly an impressive run and BubblesDelFuego explained some of his techniques in this Fallout 3 speedrunning FAQ.

One of the runner's chief strategies involves a process called "load clipping", in which quick-saving and quick-loading can somehow teleport you through certain obstacles, and "dialogue skip" is an exploit that allows you to skip dialogue by doing the same. BubblesDelFuego also uses a subtle time-saving maneuver called "slope jumping" where if you time your jumps right going uphill you won't be slowed down by the incline the way you would be walking. While these tricks are glitches, they're available to anyone and thus considered valid techniques in the speedrunning community.