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Fallout 3 editor released for PC

Small file, big opportunities.

Bethesda has whisked out the free PC toolset for Fallout 3, as promised late last month.

The Garden of Eden Creation kit (G.E.C.K), as it's officially titled, can be grabbed from the Fallout 3 website. It's only 8.47MB, too.

G.E.C.K provides the tools to manipulate the mountains of content within Fallout 3; creating, modifying or editing buildings, landscapes, towns, locations, dialogue, characters, weapons, creatures and so on and so forth.

Bethesda has plastered up a G.E.C.K Wiki to help, which has been stuffed with other a thousand pages of content already. Gulp.

What will you make first? We're going to build a motorbike to run over animals and break its legs off.