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Facebook blocks Gris ad, blaming nudity

"It's a silly situation that lacks any common sense."

Facebook has banned an advert for arty platformer Gris for being too sexually suggestive.

Publisher Devolver Digital noted the rejection on Twitter last night, and scoffed at Facebook's dubious logic.

Cover your eyes, if you wish to avoid this illicit nudity:

Was this a mistake by an actual human, or a quirk of some broken algorithm? Devolver told Kotaku it had tried to appeal the ban, unsuccessfully.

"It's a silly situation that lacks any common sense," a Devolver spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning, "but mostly we're embarrassed to admit we're still using Facebook. Join our Discord server."

All publicity is good publicity, then - and Gris (available now on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch) is certainly worth highlighting once again.

"An evocative, ethereal experience you don't want to miss," Vikki Blake wrote in Eurogamer's Gris review. "An artful puzzle platformer that'll stay with you long after its short running time."