An artful puzzle platformer that'll stay with you long after its short running time.

Emotions are complicated. This isn't something you need to be told by a psychologist, it's something that as a human being you intrinsically understand to be true. The advantage of complicated things is that you get to explore them, really dive into them and dissect them. Maybe you'll never understand the exact science behind it, but getting to see the potential for each individual feeling is something that gaming does very well. After all, with an interactive medium such as this we can become another person and inhabit their heart, see what they see and feel what they feel - to a certain degree, anyway. Inevitably your own experience will influence just how much you can empathise with any story, but sometimes even if you haven't experienced something first-hand, maybe going through it in a game helps give you an idea of the real-world emotions that come with it.

Gris review - an evocative, ethereal experience you don't want to miss

I've been staring at the cursor flashing on my screen for a while now, silently aggrieved by its cheerless, eyeless blink. I'm perilously close to my deadline, but I'm trapped in a mindless cycle of typing, hesitating, reading, grimacing, deleting, and starting over. What I want to say about Gris isn't coming to me in fully formed sentences; it's just snatches of sentiment coming in dreamy, ethereal wisps, a warm, gloopy mess of incomplete sensations and emotions. There are disparate words I can use - soft, delicate, fragile, beguiling, soothing, melancholic, hypnotising - but strung together like that, I know they're unhelpful. I know I'm not making much sense. Which I guess is kind of fitting because, on paper, Gris doesn't make much sense, either.

Gris review

Developer: Nomada

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Gorgeous puzzle-platformer Gris gets a December release date

Developer Nomada Studio has announced that its beautiful puzzle-platformer Gris will be making its way to PC and Switch on December 13th.

Gris tells the story of a young girl (the Gris of the title) who becomes lost in a world of her own making as she deals with a traumatic event in her life. "Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress," explains Nomada, "which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities."

Gris is described as a "serene and evocative experience", and combines gentle side-scrolling exploration and puzzling with more challenging platform-style segments. There's also a touch of Journey about its quiet ambience, and Eurogamer's Martin Robinson was rather taken with the game's charms when he explored it earlier this year.

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