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Beautiful, melancholy platform adventure Gris heading to iOS devices

Out at the end of the month.

Developer Nomada Studio's breathtakingly beautiful, if rather melancholy, platform adventure, Gris, is making its way to iPhone and iPad later this month, on 22nd August.

Gris, which released to much critical acclaim at the tail-end of last year, charts the adventures of a nameless young woman, as she journeys across a strange, ethereal world of her own making.

There's no combat, or death, with Nomada keen to keep the experience as accessible as possible. However, Gris' light puzzling and platforming - which gradually grows more complex as your exploration yields new abilities - combines with its sumptuous audio-visual presentation to create an adventure that's as enthralling as it affecting.

Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake liked Gris enough to slap an artful Recommended badge upon it, calling it "gentle, whimsical, evocative, emotional, magical, ethereal, therapeutic" when she reviewed it last year. "But if I've learned nothing else from Gris," Vikki concluded, "it's the truth in that old adage, 'a picture paints a thousand words'. Do not miss it."

Gris will cost £4.99/$4.99 USD when it comes to iOS devices on 22nd August. And if you can't contain your excitement, it's available to pre-order now.

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