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Fable Legends bids farewell

So long, Albion.

Fable Legends, Lionhead's free-to-play multiplayer-based spin on its fantasy world that sadly never saw release, has come to its end with the closed beta winding down for good.

Its closure comes as Lionhead itself is set to close, the Guildford-based developer not quite being able to see out its 20th year. Lionhead was formed back in 1996 as a breakaway led by Peter Molyneux from Bullfrog, and was acquired by Microsoft in 2006 two years after the release of the first Fable. It stayed faithful to the series ever since, working on a further two mainline Fable games as well as spin-offs such as Heroes, The Journey and Legends.

Originally slated for release last year, Fable Legends was delayed to 2016 until being cancelled last month as Microsoft announced plans to shutter Lionhead. A closed beta had began as far back as 2014, and recently had opened up much of the game to participants including many of the Heroes and missions set to be available in the base game. Those who had purchased in-game gold will be receiving refunds.

Legends came to a close as of 3pm GMT today, bowing out with nothing more momentous than a single screen announcing the end of the beta after the sun set on its Albion one final time. "All stories have to end eventually,' reads the note, “but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support - you are all Legends!"