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Extended Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer contains some serious torture

Reservoir Diamond Dogs.

An extended version of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's trailer from Microsoft's press conference has been released.

At a whopping 9:15, it adds an extra couple of minutes, mostly devoted to people getting tortured.

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It's pretty brutal, but unlike last year's Splinter Cell Blacklist footage, you're not the one doing the torturing. Except for that bit where Snake and company grab what appears to be a bomb out of some kid's guts.

This was the sort of graphic violence Kojima said he wanted to explore in Metal Gear Solid 4. Then that game ended up containing people getting their limbs chopped off only to get cool looking cybernetic enhancements later. Being set in 1984, it's less likely Kojima will go the "nanomachines fixed it" route, but he might. This version of Snake has a pretty rad Hellboy-esque red robot hand after all.