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Eutechnyx working on casual MMO

Racing specialist branches out.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Speaking to our sister site, racing game specialist Eutechnyx has revealed it's working on a casual MMO title.

The Newcastle-based studio, currently working on Ferrari Challenge, promises the game will be very different to other casual MMOs. Apparently it will have comparable visual quality to its console games, a flexible business model and will be released in 2010.

"This is an area of giant excitement for us," North American director Todd Eckert said in today's interview. "Although it's a casual MMO, any similarity between what we're doing and most casual MMOs will be purely coincidental. It's a very involved project.

"What we're doing is using the skill set from the console games, and the visual quality and applying it to a casual environment," added co-owner Darren Jobling. "We really see it as being a really unique idea... Basically, some 20 guys came up with this idea, and we've backed it... It's a different outlook to what games could possibly be in the future."

Nothing much to report at this stage, then - but very few British studios have dared dip their toes into MMO development as yet, so we'll be watching Eutechnyx's efforts with great interest.

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