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Europe to get Sniper Ghost Warrior

Polish marksman sim for 360 and PC.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Polish outfit City Interactive has announced that it will release its debut FPS, Sniper Ghost Warrior, for 360 and PC in Europe in June.

The game "offers an incredible insight into the danger-filled world of the military marksman," it says here. It's set on a fictional South American island, with the player cast as an elite commando tasked with ending a military coup by assassinating the General at its head. You'll be making your way through jungle to a botched assault at an old refinery, and then on to oil rigs, a mine and ruins.

Realism in the shooting, if not the plot, is the key to Sniper Ghost Warrior. The ballistic system accounts for distance, fall-off in the bullet trajectory, wind direction and so on, and you must manage the sniper's breathing while shooting. You have squad members to use as spotters, feeding back the positions of your targets.

There'll be 16-player multiplayer, too, and a "bullet cam" offering close-ups when you take your mark down.

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