Sniper: Ghost Warrior


Key events

Sniper: Ghost Warrior iOS in the works

Due out early next year.

UK Top 40: Zumba Fitness ousts Portal 2

Steel Diver sinks without trace.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 release date

Out next Friday in the UK.

VideoSniper: Ghost Warrior gameplay footage

PS3 port adds extra weapons, missions.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells a million

City Interactive delighted.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior sequel confirmed

Powered by CryEngine 3.

Sniper developer making four FPS games

Is one of them Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior has PS3 in sights

Better visuals, new content promised.

Sniper dev licenses CryENGINE3

It knows "what gamers want to play".

Sniper GW patch targets review criticisms

Addresses complaints and rebalances.

Sniper Ghost Warrior

Heads you lose.

LEGO Potter tops UK chart again

Sales are Rowling in.

VideoFive minutes of Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Terminate chickens with extreme prejudice.

Europe to get Sniper Ghost Warrior

Polish marksman sim for 360 and PC.