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Sniper: Ghost Warrior iOS in the works

Due out early next year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sniper: Ghost Warrior launches on iPhone and iPad early 2012, City Interactive has announced.

Polish developer Vivid Games has created a bespoke version of the shooter for Apple's mobile devices.

It uses Epic's Unreal Engine 3, and features touchscreen controls.

Sniper iOS will compliment Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, due out on console and PC early next year.

"Sniping is poetry in slow motion, up until you pull the trigger," Remigiusz Koscielny, president of Vivid Games, enthused.

"The trigger for upcoming iOS game based on well known Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise has been pulled by a two great Polish companies that teamed up to create premium quality sniping game. We're proud and excited about this project, and we will use our best effort and knowledge to deliver very best, elite military experience on mobile market up to date."

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