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Sniper GW patch targets review criticisms

Addresses complaints and rebalances.

City Interactive has released a patch for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on PC to "address complaints made in reviews and add more balance to the gameplay".

An Xbox 360 version will "follow shortly".

According to the patch notes there are big changes to AI and multiplayer and a range of stability fixes, tweaks and weapon adjustments.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior was released in late June and took a bit of a thumping in reviews, including our own 2/10 write-up.

We were rather excited about a game where you play a well-conditioned and supporter sniper, but then we realised it was a regular FPS where you just had the wrong gun most of the time.

Oh well, here's the full changelog for the patch, and you can check out the first 15 minutes of the game in action on video further down the page.

Patch Info: Notable changes include tweaked AI behaviour, fixed camouflage efficiency and stealth system. Most of static AI scripts referring to stealth actions have been removed and replaced by a real-time stealth system. Specific changes are as follows:

Artifical Intelligence

  • Fixed interactions of camouflage system with plants (the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight when hidden in vegetation)
  • Adjusted AI alertness and seeing (e.g. the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight at long distances)
  • Tweaked influence of the players posture and movement speed on being spotted by the enemies
  • Tweaked AI reactions, better behavior in combat situations
  • Removed over 95% of the static AI scripts during stealth actions and replaced with the improved stealth system


  • Fixed multiplayer statistics
  • Adjusted duration of breath-holding
  • Fixed minor multiplayer maps geometry issues

Optimisations and Stability

  • Fixed possible random crashes on multi processor systems
  • Fixed minor stability problems on several hardware configurations

General Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fixed registration of internet profile
  • Fixed blink after exiting game to menus


  • Adjusted melee (knife) attack strength
  • Adjusted damage, accuracy and range of AI weapons
The first 15 minutes of Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior

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