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Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 17

Now showing.

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Blame the national obsession with self-improvement, renovation, augmentation; or the fact that our designer fancies himself as the Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen of coding. Either way, you may have noticed that Eurogamer TV has gone under the knife for some fairly major cosmetic enhancement of late. "Would", frankly.

Anyway, in all the hubbub, we only remembered about Episode 17 of The Eurogamer TV Show when we found it crumpled up in the corner of the living room under a Tennant's Super-stained dust sheet.

A look back at 2007's manically successful Games Convention in Leipzig features, boasting interviews with Gabe Newell, Mark Rein, Call of Duty creator Grant Collier and extreme sports superhero Tony Hawk.

Meanwhile, though it failed to fully realise its own wild ambitions on the gameplay front, PS3-exclusive Heavenly Sword set a new benchmark in video game theatre. And that's mainly down to the Man-E-Faces of mo-cap, Andy Serkis. The Gollum and King Kong contortionist shares his dramatic secrets with EGTV.

Finally, having lost original developer Harmonix and finding itself sharing the stage with EA's Rock Band, RedOctane has some serious fret-wanking to do to ensure Guitar Hero III retains its top-billing. GH boss Kai Huang faces the music, as EGTV subjects him to questions posed by our very own Eurogamer readers.

All this in Episode 17 of The Eurogamer TV Show, now showing.

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