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COD Elite! Space Marine! EG Expo!

Hello and welcome to the Podcast episode 82! This week I'm joined by Martin Robinson and Eurogamer's big boss man himself, Rupert Loman, who talks to us at dazzling length about all the stuff going on at the Eurogamer Expo later this month.

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We also talk about games, obviously, starting off with all the news coming out of Call of Duty XP over the weekend. The Activision-run show saw the announcement of premium pricing for COD Elite and the unveiling of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, so there's lots to discuss, such as Martin's dad's previous career as a football referee.

We also talk about Dragon Quest 10, Square Enix's new MMORPG for the Wii, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, which I've just finished reviewing. Does it live up to the promise of the demo? Sadly not, but you can't fault Relic's application of the 40k universe.

As for the Expo, we talk a bit about some of the many exclusives - Skyrim, PlayStation Vita, OnLive - and sessions, Rupert sheds some light on Dr Ray Muzyka's poker manners, and we take some questions from Twitter about things like Activision's involvement and how to get an OnLive microconsole at the show.

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