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Call of Duty Elite premium sub priced

What you get for your £34.99.

An annual subscription to Call of Duty's forthcoming Elite service will cost £34.99, Activision has announced.

This fee will include free access to every piece of downloadable content released over that period. Around 20 add-ons will be delivered no more than one month apart from one another, and it won't just be extra maps - new game modes and Spec Ops missions are also planned.

Additionally, the subscription to Premium Elite will offer eligibility to compete in online competitions, with prizes apparently including virtual items, iPads and jeeps.

These matches will be tailored for players of all skills levels and will be both moderated and refereed 24/7 to ensure fairness and monitor cheating.

Premium Elite will also offer subscribers eight times as much capacity as free users for uploading HD clips of multiplayer matches featuring up to four minutes of play in total.

Subscribers to the Premium service will be granted exclusive access to expert strategy and analysis too, via regularly updated videos presented by the best players in the world.

Alongside tips videos, Premium Elite subscribers will receive episodic video content. Activision has a number of shows in production, some of which involve veteran Hollywood producers Tony and Ridley Scott of Top Gun/Blade Runner fame.

Will Arnett and Jason Batemen, co-stars of American comedy series par excellence Arrested Development are also creating an exclusive episodic TV show called Noob Tube, in which the actors provide commentary on footage of multiplayer games.

A year's subscription to Elite Premium will be included free in the Hardened edition of Modern Warfare 3 when it's released later this year. Buyers will also earn "Lifetime Founder" status, which is a good one for livening up the C.V.