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Eurogamer Benelux launches!

Say hello to the team.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer is happy, proud and financially incentivised to announce the latest addition to our growing European network of websites - Eurogamer Benelux!

The Dutch site is now live at with a version for Belgium coming soon.

Eurogamer Benelux is headed up by managing director Steven De Leeuw, formerly of Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux, who is supported by a number of veterans of including Eurogamer Benelux editors in chief Yarno Ritzen and Michiel de Vries.

"Our experienced team of passionate gamers and the well-known Eurogamer network both make sure that the future is looking very bright for all Dutch gamers," said De Leeuw, who - we have it on good authority - was waving hello to you very people at the same time.

Saying hello also are contributors Philip Cremers, Erwin Vogelaar, Rutger Luiten and Frans Coehoorn, who - along with representatives of our German, French and Portuguese websites - will be attending Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany this week.

We're going too, obviously, but this is their moment. Head over to Eurogamer Benelux and find out why.

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