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EU funding document details 30 new indie games, including Trine 4

Plus titles from Bloober, Zoink, more.

An announcement by the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), unveiling a list of 30 games it will co-fund in 2018, has revealed a host of new projects from high-profile indie studios, including the likes of Trine 4.

News that Trine developer Frozenbyte is set to return to its most famous series is unexpected - Trine 3 didn't go down especially well with fans - but also pretty heartening. As are hints at a number of previously unannounced titles from other teams.

Norwegian developer Snowcastle Games is seemingly working on a sequel to its gorgeous action-RPG Earthlock, for instance, while Tequila Works, which developed the sublime Rime and published The Sexy Brutale, has something called Lumberjack up its sleeve.

Elsewhere, Zoink Games - of Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death fame - is getting funding for a project titled Roll Them Bones, and Stories Untold studio No Code - which just announced sci-fi thriller Observation - is listed as developing Stranded.

It's worth noting that the EACEA's list only provides a project's working title, so there's every chance, especially given Observation's stuck-on-a-space-station theme, that these are the same games. We know, for instance, that H2O, the project listed for Polish developer Bloober Team - which created artfully ambitious horror experiences Observer and Layers of Fear - is an alternate working title for the already announced Project Méliès.

Another UK studio, Revolution Software, best known for the Broken Sword series, is listed as receiving funds for a virtual reality title called Parzival's Stone VR. Intriguing!

The full list of studios receiving funding no longer appears to be accessible on the EACEA's website - but Gamereactor (which broke the story) has managed to preserve it for posterity. And while it mightn't be that revelatory in the grand scheme of things, it's still pleasing to know that so many great independent studios have new projects on the way.

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