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Epic to show off Unreal Engine 4 next week

First glimpse at what next gen will look like?

Epic Games shows off the latest version of its Unreal Engine at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week, the company has announced.

It will unveil a preview version of its "next-generation game technology" - Unreal Engine 4 - to "select licensees, partners and prospective customers during the exhibition", according to its announcement earlier today.

Epic wowed GDC this time last year with its high-end Unreal Engine 3 Samaritan tech demo (see below)

"It represents this beautiful vision of what we should be able to do," said Epic vice president Mark Rein at the time.

"What's really exciting about seeing this love letter to hardware manufacturers is understanding how Unreal Engine goes from iPhone right up to the most ass-kicking PC you can buy that's hopefully representative of what the next-gen might be. And it's ready today."

Back in October, company president Mike Capps revealed that he hoped Epic's tech will influence how the next generation of home consoles are developed.

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