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Epic launches appeal against Apple court ruling

Core principles.

Epic Games is appealing the final decision in this year's big Epic vs. Apple trial.

Last Friday's ruling was a mixed result for both companies, though Epic lost the majority of the points it had tried to raise.

Late on Friday night, Epic boss Tim Sweeney offered his thoughts on Twitter, and said the judgement "isn't a win for developers or consumers". In a series of messages, Sweeney said Epic would "fight on", and later categorised the result as a loss.

Epic failed to prove Apple acted as a mobile gaming monopoly, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers decided in last week's ruling, which meant Apple could continue to run its App Store as it did currently, and continue to take a 30 percent cut of purchases.

The judgement meant Apple was within its rights to boot Fortnite from its marketplace, and that Epic had to hand over the 30 percent it would have paid to Apple for any direct purchases before being removed.

Epic did, however, force a change to App Store rules. Apple can no longer stop apps from telling customers about alternative payment options outside the App Store, or from linking people to them.

There's no word yet on exactly how Epic will attempt to overturn last week's ruling.

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