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Epic keeping track of Gears 3 leakers

Promises "repercussions" to video sharers.

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Epic is keeping track of those who shared videos of Gears of War 3 ahead of release - and promised "repercussions".

Following the high-profile leak of a pre-release version of the game, videos of the campaign popped up online, spoiling the Xbox 360 exclusive's story.

Now, Epic has vowed to get their own back on those who shared those videos online.

"We're extremely diligent about getting that stuff taken down and issued a call to fans to not perpetuate it... and just keeping track of those who do," executive producer Rod Fergusson told Edge.

"I don't think everybody's aware of the potential repercussions of those types of actions."

Last month Epic said it had joined forces with law enforcement to investigate the leak of an unfinished version of Gears of War 3 onto the internet.

At the time the Unreal Engine maker warned fans that the footage lifted from the leaked game did not do the final game justice.

"This content is not from a final build and is not representative of what fans will enjoy when the game launches worldwide on 20th September 2011."

Speaking to Edge, Fergusson expressed his frustration at the leak.

"It's people choosing to ruin their own experience.

"I get people going, 'oh no, I just watched this thing on YouTube and it's totally given away something'. And I go, 'well, why did you go looking and why did you watch it?'"

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