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Empire: Total War demo on Steam

Bonaparte like it's 1799.

Valve and SEGA and Creative Assembly have popped an Empire: Total War demo on Steam.

The sampler offers a chance to romp around the 18th Century as the British Empire, attempting to wrestle Philadelphia from the grasp of the Americans and finally putting an end to French naval invasion plans. What cheek.

The Empire: Total War demo weighs just over 2GB, and can be nabbed from the Steam website now.

Empire: Total War launches on 4th March and has us terribly excited. Star attraction will be fully-implemented naval warfare, but Creative Assembly has poured plenty of effort in elsewhere.

The idea of a more streamlined, approachable and manageable Total War sounds very promising, especially as none of the depth or complexity has suffered.

March over to our Empire: Total War gamepage to find out more. Expect our thoughts in the run up to release.

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Empire: Total War


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