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Elite dated, priced in Oz

MS gets organasised.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has stamped confirmation on the date and price for the Xbox 360 Elite and Halo Special Edition consoles in Australia, reports.

The Elite will launch first on 30th August for AUD 729.95 (EUR 425), followed by the Halo 3 unit on 20th September for AUD 679.95 (EUR 396). A separate 120 GB hard-drive will cost AUD 299.95 (EUR 134).

The Xbox 360 Elite features a black console, 120GB hard-drive, controller, headset, Ethernet cable, HDMI port and one month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Announced at E3 last month, the Halo 3 Special Edition console is a standard Premium 360 but with green and gold Halo branding, a Play & Charge kit and access to exclusive Halo 3 gamer pics and themes via Xbox Live

The European Elite will go on sale next Friday for GBP 329.99. The Halo 3 unit is expected alongside the game on 26th September.

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